April 2, 2017

I AM GRATEFUL for all of you who are joining me during April for the I AM GRATEFUL movement.  I know that there are some who are still a bit confused in what it’s all about, yet they can sense that God is calling them to live life at a deeper level of gratitude to Him and to others, and they want to hear more about it.  That’s great!

I’m happy to announce that the I AM GRATEFUL Guidebook is finally complete and ready to send to you!  My hope is that it will inspire you to let God use you to breathe life into others by your genuine words of appreciation.



In the book I write:


Through our notes of gratitude, may we bring a cup of cool water to refresh the weary one.

May our efforts in showing genuine appreciation strengthen our relationships with others.

May we bring validation and honor to those who have done well for us.

May our hearts grow in gratitude as we become aware of just how blessed we are.

And may we never underestimate the power of the pen!

If you have not had a chance to read the other posts in this series, I encourage you to do so. These posts set the stage for why the practice of open and expressive gratitude is so important and shares the vision of what can be accomplished when we show gratitude to others.

The I AM GRATEFUL Guidebook you will download holds more of the how-to’s and very practical material you need to know when writing to others.  Plus it has:

  • writing prompts of what to say
  • prompts of who to give thanks to
  • notable quotes that will inspire you to think more gratefully and then want to show that gratitude
  • tips on teaching your children to show gratitude properly
  • tracking sheets of who you thanked and your specific thanks to God
  • and much more!

I hope you will allow me to send this guidebook to you today!  It is my gift to you and I pray it blesses you.  You can have it in your hands within moments of letting me know that you want it by filling in the form below.  There is no cost to you.  You can read it electronically and you can also print it out and hold a hard copy of it!  (Call me old-fashioned but I still enjoy the paper version of books!)

Send me the I AM GRATEFUL Guidebook!

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We really have NO IDEA how our words of appreciation will impact others!  God wants to use us to speak gracious words of heartfelt thanks.  And oh the impact we will have when we do!  I can hardly wait to hear about your experiences! And I will be sure to share mine! I can tell you that I have felt God’s promise that He will bless our efforts this month as we prayerfully remember just how He and others have blessed us; and then openly express that gratitude to them.  This practice will do as much good for our own hearts as it will do for those to whom we reach out to!

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” Thornton Wilder

Until next time, let us BE mindfully grateful of our treasures!




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