I AM GRATEFUL: It’s Almost Time! (Part 3)

March 29, 2017


April 1st is only two days away and time has been flying leading up to this event!  If you are just joining us you can read all about the I AM GRATEFUL movement here and here.  But for those who have already begun preparing for your month long writing project, I’d like to quickly throw out some fun ideas to help us get this party started.

I Am Grateful

Readers, I’ve had more technical difficulties this week than I care to share.  My plans for you to have several project photos as well as some downloadable sheets have been delayed!  Because my week has not gone according to plan, I think it’s best to give you some of my favorite ideas found on other blogger’s sites to get your creative juices flowing.

For well over a year, I have collected all kinds of used materials to make the letter envelopes that I send to others. I use old book pages, magazines, maps, calendars, wrapping paper, and when I can’t resist a beautiful print, I’ve been known to purchase some scrapbook paper as well.  DIY envelopes make for the BEST mail days!  Just take a look at some of the possibilities found on these great blogs.

Please know that I am aware that not everyone out there will be inspired by these beautiful envelope projects.  I understand that.  And you don’t have to be!  In this post you’ll find a wide variety of ways to embellish your envelopes without ever lifting a pair of scissors!

To learn how these envelopes were made, simply click on the picture and see for yourself.  Just don’t forget to come back here when you’re done to finish reading what I have to share!

Emma has an excellent tutorial on these envelopes over at Gathering Beauty!

Kaija is a mixed media artist with amazing stills over at Paperiaarre!

Isn’t this envelope amazing? How I wish I could draw like this!

Megan, over at Honey We’re Home is so creative with wrapping paper!

This is an excellent tutorial using various papers over at World Wide Celebrations!

Tera’s art work over at The Crafty Sugar Addict is brilliant!

The next picture of envelopes is by one of my very favorite bloggers on this subject.  I’ve purchased things from Lindsay over at The Postman’s Knock and have also received some great freebie downloads as well.  She inspires me, and I encourage you to peruse her site if you are into calligraphy art.  She’s a master!

Below are some of her free downloads for envelope templates if you’d like to have a great envelope without collecting books, calendars, and such!  All you need is a printer!

Lindsay is very generous with her freebies and the templates that she charges for–like this one below, are very reasonably priced!

As you can see, I’m partial to unique envelopes, but sometimes we may not have time to do the crafty things. So what can we do to make our envelopes stand out in the stack of mail?

Here are a few other very fun ideas:

Perhaps you’ll simply draw on your envelope! How cute is this?!

Or maybe you’ll use an pencil eraser and some ink pads.

You could choose some ribbon for a card that you don’t plan to mail.

Maybe you’re into washi tape. This is one of the easiest and least expensive embellishments for an envelope; yet it’s so nicely understated, don’t you think?  Craft stores have hundreds of designs of washi tape for you to choose from!

Or maybe you’d like to simply line a plain envelope with pretty paper. Isn’t there just something so nice about the look, feel, and weight of a lined envelope?

The possibilities are endless on what you can do to dress up your mail!

It’s amazing to me just how many creative people there are out there!  There is so much to learn!

However, you may be one who doesn’t like to craft. At all. Period.  Yet, you’d still like a way to have your mail stand out.  You’re in luck!  Stores carry a variety of nice stationary in striking colors that will do the trick!

But let’s not lose sight of what is most important.  Don’t let the fact that your envelope may not be fun and fancy discourage you from this writing project.  Your message of gratitude is what is most important.  You and I are very aware that “gracious words are like honeycomb; sweet to the soul and healing to the bones!” Proverbs 16:24.

This project is about to get real sweet!

So here are a few things to do, before Saturday, April 1.

Purchase a few bare necessities to get you started:

  • some note cards
  • a smooth writing pen
  • postage stamps

Begin compiling a list of people you’d like to surprise with your note of gratitude.  Don’t forget to gather a few addresses that you’ll need.

All throughout the month of April we’ll explore more inspiring things we can do to brighten the lives of those we know.  I look forward to hearing all about your month as you set out to bless others in expressive gratitude!

Oh and one more thing.  I have a special gift coming your way in the next few days so be sure to watch for it!  I can’t wait to share!

Have you subscribed yet to my page?  I would really appreciate it if you did!  Thanks so much!

Be grateful!

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  • Reply Bryan Cribbs March 29, 2017 at 11:52 pm

    I love “lost arts” like this. A hand written note, like a homemade gift, goes so much further in my book!

    • Reply teresa slankard March 30, 2017 at 9:14 am

      You, the artist, can really appreciate mail art I know! And yes, a handwritten note goes miles further! It’s something that can be kept and treasured forever!

  • Reply Linda Mills March 29, 2017 at 10:34 pm

    Love it!!! I’m going to get my supplies together! Great post!

    • Reply teresa slankard March 30, 2017 at 9:12 am

      Thank you Mom! I think April is going to be swwweeeet! “Gracious words are like honeycomb; swwweeeet to the soul and healing to the bones!” Proverbs 16:24. 🙂

    Your comments mean more than you think!