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Creatively Repurposing Pages of Days Gone By for a Greater Purpose.


Making it a great mail day for others is something I take very seriously. For a few years now, I’ve been honing my skill in creating the most unique packaging possible for my hand-written letters.  I have gotten the biggest kick out of the responses from others when they receive mail from me.  That “wait—what? How cool is that?!” reaction thrills me every time!

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving the extraordinary in the ordinary stack of bills and flyers?  We ALL do!

Sending letters via snail mail (as opposed to electronic messaging) is a primary theme in my articles on this site, because our hand-written words of encouragement matter.  I share about my passion for the written word in this article.  Plus this additional creative element of enveloping our correspondence in a unique and interesting way has simply been too fun not to explore!

My youngest daughter—who is my toughest critic, recently pointed out that the actual words we write are more important than the card and envelope we send. (This said after I showed her my latest creation of a card set that I had made from an old calendar.) I couldn’t agree more!

But, there is another aspect to consider.  The message of love and affirmation that you are sending is actually your “gift” to another—your “present” of thought, attention, and time spent.  And to wrap the gift in special packaging tells the recipient that what they are about to open is something out of the ordinary.  It’s taking the opportunity to wrap and deliver your words in a unique way, that brings extra weight to them.  It’s the same as if you were giving a present to someone for any significant occasion.  You’d take the time to wrap it with tissue paper, gift wrap, and a bow.  Why?  Because presentation matters when you’re letting someone know, “hey, this is my special gift to you because YOU are special!”

Your letters can also be presented in the same thoughtful manner.

Enter:  the homemade envelope.  Recycled and repurposed from the forgotten pages of old books, magazines, calendars, etc.  I highlighted examples of this method here.

In the days ahead, I’ll share some of my best tricks with you for creating the “when-you-care-enough-to-send-the-very-best” kind of mail.  And I won’t encourage you to go out and purchase a store-bought greeting card.

If you aren’t the crafty type, no worries.  I am! And I would love to share with you how I create one-of-a-kind stationary.  And if it’s still not something you want to make the time for, perhaps you’d like to own some of my work.  You may find just what you’re looking for now available at my friend Lori’s sweet spot, the Homestead Bakery in Baldwin City, Kansas or in my Etsy shop (Forgotten Pages Studio) and on Facebook page….BOTH COMING VERY SOON!

As we learn how to bless others through the power of our pens, I pray the ideas found here will inspire you to share your message with those who matter most.  Your written word is the main thing and your presentation is everything!

So let’s have fun blessing others with a GREAT mail day!