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a word in season

a word in season

The Father’s Day Card You Never Want To Give

  Because Father’s Day weekend is upon us, I’d like to offer a gentle but firm reminder to those who are still fortunate enough to have their dad around. Though it saddens me to say this, Father’s Day 2017 may be the last year…

June 17, 2017
a word in season

The Cup of Cool Water

The Letter That Brought Sweet Relief… It arrived on a busy Saturday morning in May.  A day typically filled with numerous last minute preparations for our Sunday services. On first glance of the letter, I smiled. My daughter with the artistic flare had creatively…

November 3, 2016
a word in season

The Verse That Led Me Down This Sacred Path

Years ago, while reading from one of my favorite books of the Bible, I came across a beautiful passage by the prophet, Isaiah. The passage struck such a chord in me that continues to ring even today. “…the Lord awakens me early in the…

November 1, 2016