Are You New Here?

Welcome to my home away from home.

…the place I’ll spend time encouraging others who—like me, want to make a difference and leave a spiritual mark on the hearts of those we love.

I think we may have a few things in common that might have brought you here.

Like me, you’ve probably wondered if it’s actually possible to have a lasting and eternal impact on your loved ones beyond your time here on earth. Maybe you’d like to be remembered for your strength of faith, values, and convictions.

The paper trail that you leave behind will hold invaluable clues to the discovery of the real you for future generations!  Clues for descendants who may otherwise only read your name on the diagram of your family tree.

Has it ever occurred to you that you will be a historical figure in your lineage decades from now?  I love the very idea that a part of my life will collide with the life of someone who shares my DNA, but is someone I will never meet.  And though I will never know them on this side of eternity, they will come to know me!  But only through my writings.

Perhaps you’ve stopped by because you already recognize the power of your pen and you just need a little inspiration of how best to use it. You understand that your messages of love, encouragement, and belief in another, are messages to be cherished now and preserved later.  You’ve imagined someone, years from now, holding the very pages written by you!  Perhaps you’ve experienced the thrill of holding the worn and yellowed stationery inscribed by your ancestors, and you want to give this same gift to others.

Why I Write

For the last few years, I’ve been on a mission to leave behind a legacy of writings that my family and friends can revisit long after I’m gone. Not mere drivel, but, weighty words that bring lasting beauty and permanent change.

Those famous last words.

Writings that speak from the grave.

I write for people like you and me who desire to make a strong connection beyond the grave with those who matter most.

I’m not a morbid person by nature. However, I’m very aware that our lives are just a vapor…here today and gone tomorrow. (James 4:14)  Our bodies will return to the dust; and the words that we leave behind have the ability to ring out long past the time our voices go silent. Those words become invaluable to the generations who will follow in our footsteps. Our challenge is to make the most of the time that they hold the parchment in their hands.

What I Write About

I write about writing!  Letter writing has become such a lost art in the age of all things texting and emailing!  I write about how to go against the technological grain and inscribe your historical mark through the simplest tools of pen and paper.

I write about the journals your loved ones will gratefully uncover in your attic’s treasure chest years from now.

I write about the notes you’ll scribble in the margins of the books that mean most to you. Your personal Bible is the one book you’ll absolutely want to scribble in! You can’t begin to imagine the generational impact you can have in the thoughts and questions you jot in the pages of the Bibles you leave behind!

I’m convinced that most people never realize the potential they have to make a lasting impression through the act of writing a heart-felt letter.

What Else I Write About

Letter writing isn’t my only passion, however.  Memorization of the written words found in the Bible is important to me, as well!  In my “Inspired to Remember” articles, I’ll share tools and tips of how best to help you and your children remember God’s life-giving words to us. There is power found in His Word and our families need it!

Inspirational messages found in famous quotes are also something I thoroughly enjoy chatting about and challenging myself and others to live by. We’ll cover those in my “Living the Notable Quotable Life” section of this site.

As you can see, there is a smattering of topics that we’ll inspect in our times together!

Through each time that we come together here, we’ll explore various ways to fill the proverbial time-capsules of our lives.  Many will be glad that we made the effort to preserve pieces of our chronicled selves through the paper trail we leave behind!

I invite you to return often and gather fresh inspiration and insight into how to leave your mark, make good memories, and leave the best parts of who you are to those who matter most to you.  It’ll be worth every eternal effort!